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Slider is a tool that allows you to display a lot of information in a small area. Information in it is separated into slides, which succeed each other with a delay.

You can add slides to your pages in the same way as posts or pages. Just click tab “Slides” in your dashboard, then click “Add New”. After it you will see a page similar to the posts adding page, except some differences. Let’s talk about them.

First of all content area in the text editor (white area) has the same sizes as slide of your theme. This is the background of your slide. You can change its color using meta box “Slide Options” in the right part of the page. Click “Background Color” and pick up a color for the background of the slide in the appeared pallet.

To add text or image on your slide, click “Add Element” (Add Element) in the text editor’s toolbar. Immediately after that you will see new block with a text on your slide. You can change content of this block as well as the content of the post. Just type there your own text or insert image. You can add elements on a slide as many as you need.

To make some other modifications with element, it must be selected. To do that, double-click anywhere in the element. After that block you clicked on will have a frame. Now you can change position of the element. Just move your mouse over the slide and you will see that block moves with your pointer. Click twice on it again to hold block on new place.

While block has a frame (in other words while you have selected block), you can change some styles of it using meta box “Element Options”. You can see there three properties of it: background, border, and padding.

You can modify them in one of two ways:

  1. Type values in the text fields as normal values for the style sheet. You can find more information about how to do that for a specific field on the following pages:
  2. Use the dialog boxes for each property. To do that click ... and fill appeared form.

To remove an element from the slide make it selected by double click, then click “Remove Element” (Remove Element) in the text editor’s toolbar.