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Showroom is one of the most eye-catching elements on the page. It can be used for displaying most relevant pages of your website, which may include conventional static pages or all kind of posts, such as blog posts or products, sold on your website.

You can manage showroom options in section Showroom of theme settings in your dashboard. First of all you need to decide what type of posts will be displayed in the showroom. You can choose one of the available types in option “Showroom Source”. If you do not use any third-party plugin on your WordPress, then you can see there only two types of post: pages, and posts. As soon as you enable any plugin that uses custom post types, you will see there more types of post. For example on the following picture you can see 4 new post types: Products, Variations, Orders and Coupons, which came with WooCommerce plugin.

When you have selected the post type for showroom, it is time to decide what posts will be displayed there. It might be all posts of the selected type (last records will be displayed), or several posts, on your choice. If you would like to use first variant, then turn off option “Show only records marked for Showroom”. If you do want to choose which posts will be displayed in the showroom – use following instruction:

  1. Turn on “Show only records marked for Showroom” and click “Save Changes”.
  2. Click post type caption in the left navigation bar of dashboard to open posts list.
  3. Find the first of the needed posts and click “Edit” under its caption.
  4. Enable option “Show this record in the showroom” on the next page.
  5. Click Update”.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each needed post.